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People say that the air is a little clearer in Vermont. Perhaps that’s one reason why some urban residents leave their homes in the city to spend a vacation or a lifetime in this beloved New England state. is pleased to announce that is available for acquisition to savvy business owners who are eager to embrace this opportunity.

A Splendid State

Vermont features something for everyone. For those who wish to be in the midst of the amenities of a large city, Burlington awaits. If nature is beckoning, ski resorts, lakes, trails and forests offer four seasons of every type of outdoor recreation imaginable.

Vermont homes make a marvelous temporary or permanent arrangement for many people. Here are some of the stats that bring people to the state:

  • In a 2018 survey, WalletHub ranked Vermont as the #1 safest state in the U.S.
  • In 2018, WalletHub also ranked Vermont as the best state to have a baby.
  • According to a 2016 report by CNBC, Vermont was ranked the 3rd-best state to live. Could Be Your Geo-Targeted Domain Name

Geo-targeted domain names go the extra mile in bringing attention to businesses on the world wide web. They are one of the most effective modern marketing strategies available. is a prime example of a geo-targeted domain name and is currently available exclusively through GeoBroker. Many businesses would benefit from this versatile domain, including:

  • Real estate agencies.
  • Property management companies.
  • Builders.
  • Home improvement or maintenance companies.
  • Advertising publications.

Geo-targeted domain names that apply to many contexts are in high demand. Connect your relevant business to its Vermont location with is only available through GeoBroker. If you would like to learn more about acquiring, contact today.

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