Domain Brokerage

Domain Brokerage

It does not matter whether you are an experienced investor with a large portfolio of geo-targeted domain names or a novice acquiring a geo-domain name to brand and market your new business, the domain brokerage service at GeoBroker simplifies and facilitates the process. The reason is simple: The domain brokers at Geobroker are experts with years of experience in the acquisition, liquidation and valuation of geo-targeted and geo-related domain names.

Role played by a domain broker

A domain broker brings buyers and sellers together. It may sound easy, but nothing is more frustrating than being unable to get a response from the owner of a geo-targeted domain name that perfectly fits your needs. Domain brokers at GeoBroker cultivated an extensive network of geo-domain owners as a resource to locate potential sellers.

Services performed by the geo-domain specialists at GeoBroker

Some of the domain brokerage services performed by the geo-domain brokers at GeoBroker include the following:

  • Client consultation: Geo-domain experts help buyers chose a domain name that fits their investment, marketing or brand strategies. If you are a seller, their advice helps you to maximize return on investment.
  • Research: GeoBroker identifies and contacts a domain’s owner, determines appropriate market value and evaluates performance a domain’s performance.
  • Negotiate transaction: GeoBroker serves as a buyer or seller’s trusted representative to negotiate the best deal possible. You can remain anonymous with GeoBroker handling the matter on your behalf.

Once a deal has been made, GeoBroker arranges escrow and registration services to complete the transaction.

Domain brokerage services from GeoBroker

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