Valuate Domains

Valuate Domains

First step to selling geo domains: Learn their value

It makes sense that the first step in the process of buying or selling a geo-targeted domain name should be determining its value. Buyers do not want to overpay, and sellers want to know the domain name is not being underpriced. GeoBroker the premier domain name broker specializing in assisting investors, business owners and entrepreneurs with the sale and acquisition of geo-targeted domain names, offers an appraisal and valuation service providing fast and accurate assessments of an asset’s value.

What gives a geo-targeted domain its value?

Its potential to serve as the representation of an enterprise’s brand may be the key factor contributing to the value of a domain name. Geo domains take it a step further by not only increasing the online visibility of the businesses and enterprises they represent, but they link them to a specific geographic area, which could be as broad a specific state or as localized as a neighborhood within a city.

Other factors contributing to the value of a geo domain include the following:

  • Extension: In the minds of many buyers of geo domains, top-level domains must have the dot-com extension, but other extensions, including dot-org and dot-net also continue to be popular.
  • Name length: As a general rule, the marketplace places a higher value on brevity when it comes to geo-targeted domains names. Shorter names tend to be easier for people to remember and share than longer ones, which adds to their value.
  • Limited supply: Someone in the market for a domain that geo targets a specific location will have a limited number of options from which to choose. Limited options for buyers may increase the value geo domains targeting popular geographic areas.

If a geo domain name is in use for a specific website, the amount of traffic it generates could also be a factor contributing toward an increase in its value to a new owner.

Valuation and appraisal services

An accurate valuation of a geo domain requires extensive knowledge of the marketplace and years of experience buying and selling domains. Each member of the team of experts at GeoBroker specializes in the sale and acquisition of geo-targeted domain names. We use our knowledge and expertise to prepare an accurate appraisal of geo-targeted domains.

Each appraisal takes into consideration a number of factors in order to provide our clients with an accurate determination of the value of the asset. Factors we take into consideration include the following:

  • Brand capability
  • Search volume
  • Domain keywords
  • Domain length
  • SEO value
  • Keyword advertisers

We conduct an extensive comparison of our client’s geo domain against sales of similar domains to determine the demand in the marketplace and the price a buyer would be willing to pay. Our access to an extensive network of high-quality geo-targeted domains allows us to give owners accurate information upon which to base pricing decisions.

Expert assistance with transactions

The services offered by GeoBroker do not end with delivery of the valuation report to our client. We use our experience and knowledge of the marketplace to help owners realize the full potential of their geo domain by working with them to find a buyer and negotiate price and terms consistent with our determination of the value of the domain.

We let owners know the value of their digital assets

The valuation service at GeoBroker is not only for owners who have decided to sell geo domains they no longer need. Investors can also benefit from having our experts determine the current worth of geo domains they have in their portfolios in order to make informed decisions about selling some of them. Contact us to learn how we can be of assistance.

For more information about acquiring or selling Geo-Targeted domain names contact us at 212-613-6000 or email us.