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We Take The Hassle Out of Buying Geo-targeted Domain Names

Whether it is an entrepreneur about to launch a new venture or the owner of an established business looking to rebrand, navigating within the domain marketplace can be a challenge. Domain name owners who do not respond to inquiries or who respond with unrealistic prices may leave buyers wondering who to turn to for help.

Find the help you need at GeoBroker. As a domain name broker specializing in acquisitions and sales of geo-targeted domains, we have the expertise and resources to navigate the challenges of finding the perfect geo-targeted domain name. Whether working with a seasoned investor or a novice venturing into the domain marketplace for the first time, our unsurpassed services address any issue that may arise, including evaluating your branding and marketing strategies and assisting our clients to find the domain that perfectly fits their needs.

Buyers and sellers benefit from the expertise offered by GeoBroker

There are plenty of websites offering lists of available domain names. The challenge is to find one capable of propelling a client’s business to the top spot in a particular marketplace.

Unlike other brokers offering only limited support services to their customers, GeoBroker makes its entire team of geo-domain experts and all of their resources available to our clients. Our clients appreciate the personal attention and other benefits we offer, including:

  • Confidentiality: At no time during our work on behalf of a client will we ever disclose information that a client shared with us. Any information we receive remains confidential unless our client gives us written authorization to disclose it.
  • Access: We have access to the most comprehensive network of owners of geo-targeted domains in the industry to use on behalf of our clients.
  • Budget: Years of experience helped us to develop an efficient and cost-effective process for domain acquisition that benefits our clients. We find the right domain while staying within the budget parameters set by the client.
  • Value: Our valuation services ensure buyers and sellers of quality domains that the price they pay or receive will be consistent with the current market value of the asset.

Whether a client is in the market for a geo-domain targeted to a country or to a local neighborhood within a metropolitan area, GeoBroker has the staff and services that investors, business owners and anyone in need of reliable information about domains can rely upon.

Domain brokers facilitate the process

Finding the right domain name is only the first step in what can turn out to be a process fraught with frustration. The experts at GeoBroker take the frustration out of the sale and acquisition of geo-targeted domain names. Some of the ways we help to bring about a completed transaction include:

  • Locating domain owners: Finding the right domain name does not help a buyer unless the owner can be located and convinced to sell the asset. We use our extensive resources to find the owners and negotiate terms of a sale.
  • Maintaining privacy: Some buyers and sellers prefer to remain behind the scenes and anonymous. We protect the privacy of our clients by negotiating a sale on their behalf.
  • Protecting integrity of the transaction: GeoBroker ensures that all financial aspects of a transaction, including the transfer of funds, is handled through a reputable escrow service.
  • Expediting transfer of the domain: Our experience with the process of transferring domain names allows us to ensure the transaction concludes with an efficient, safe and speedy transfer of the digital asset to our client.

We oversee every aspect of the sale and acquisition of a domain name to ensure the complete satisfaction of our client.

GeoBroker offers solutions to the challenges of domain acquisition

GeoBroker specializes in the acquisition and sale of geo-targeted domain names offering flexible terms and fair fees to our clients. Contact one of our domain experts to learn more about our services.

For more information about acquiring or selling Geo-Targeted domain names contact us at 212-613-6000 or email us.