Buying Anonymously

Buying Anonymously

Anonymously acquiring geo-target domain names

It may take time before you find the geo-targeted domain name that perfectly fits with the brand you envision for your enterprise. The customary process to acquire the domain name would be to contact the current owner and begin negotiations for its purchase. Sometimes, however, remaining anonymous during the acquisition process may avoid the risk of a seller running up the price offering it to one of your competitors. GeoBroker lets you avoid such issues by making it possible to anonymously acquire a geo-related domain name.

Buying geo domain names

Before beginning the acquisition process, you need to decide upon the geo-targeted domain you wish to acquire. Researching and locating geo-domain names can be time consuming and frequently turns out to be a hit-or-miss effort unless you know the marketplace.

As a domain broker specializing in geo-related domain names, GeoBroker gives you access to its vast network of owners and sellers of geo domains, which helps to facilitate finding the right name and identifying its owner. The steps that usually take place in the acquisition of a geo domain include:

  • Identification of the owner: Finding the geo domain you want does not mean you can buy it. You need to be able to connect with the owner to negotiate a fair price.
  • Negotiation of the acquisition: Negotiations begin once contact is made with the owner of the geo-domain name you wish to acquire. Working with GeoBroker to acquire the domain name gives you an experienced negotiator putting more than 11 years handling acquisitions and sales of premium domains to work on your behalf.
  • Registration of the domain name: A successful negotiation leads to a formal, written agreement for the acquisition. After you place deposit the price of the domain with the escrow service recommended by your domain broker, the transfer of funds to the seller and registration of the geo-targeted domain to your name or the name of your business completes the sale.

GeoBroker has a strict policy of preserving the confidentiality of any information obtained from clients. This includes protecting your identity during the acquisition process. Although registration through ICANN requires public availability of the name, address, telephone number and email address of the new owner, it may be possible to protect your anonymity.

Maintaining anonymity

Registrars, the entities that handle registration of your geo-domain name with ICANN, must have your name, address, phone number and email address to complete the registration process and comply with ICANN rules. The personal information gathered by registrars is referred to as “WHOIS data,” which can be accessed by the public.

Some of the reasons for protecting WHOIS data from public access include:

  • Protect you from identity theft.
  • Reduce the risk of hacking.
  • Limit spam and unsolicited marketing.

GeoBroker makes it possible to anonymously buy a geo-related domain name through registration of your newly acquired domain name with a registrar certified through ICANN and offering WHOIS privacy protection. Privacy protection shields your personal information from the public.

You may not feel secure knowing that your personal information is on file with WHOIS. If that is the case, GeoBroker offers the option of private registration of your domain name acquisition.

Private registration goes beyond WHOIS privacy protection by registering the domain with the name and contact information of a company offering anonymous registration. You remain in control of the domain name even though your information is not on record with WHOIS.

Find out more about anonymous acquisition of geo-domain names

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