Acquisition Process

Acquisition Process

Acquiring a geo-targeted domain name may be critical to the success of the brand and marketing strategies of your company. Buyers benefit from the assistance they get through the domain name acquisition process at

GeoBroker process for geo-domain acquisition

GeoBroker put its years of experience as a top broker in the field of geo-targeted domain names into developing an acquisition process beneficial to seasoned investors as well as to those entering the geo-domain marketplace for the first time. Each step in the process is designed to facilitate a safe, secure and successful acquisition.

Steps in the acquisition process

Before beginning the acquisition process, GeoBroker recommends that buyers decide upon the goal they wish to achieve with the geo domain name and the budget committed to its acquisition. Once that has been accomplished, the buyer goes through the following steps with GeoBroker:

  • Consultation: The consultation between the buyer and the geo-domain name experts at GeoBroker focuses on narrowing the choice of domain name to best accomplish the goals of the buyer.
  • Research: Selection of a name in the consultation phase leads to research into the identity of the current owner and whether the domain name has trademark protection. GeoBroker also determines the value of the domain.
  • Negotiation: GeoBroker contacts the current owner and negotiates for acquisition of the geo domain name. GeoBroker does not disclose the name or other information about the buyer.
  • Written agreement and transfer of ownership: Once an agreement on price has been arranged, it is reduced to writing and signed by all parties. GeoBroker arranges for an escrow service to handle the transfer of funds and registration of the geo domain name to the new owner.

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