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You may have acquired a geo-targeted domain name to use in a new marketing strategy for your business that never materialized, or you may be an investor needing to raise money to take advantage of an investment opportunity. There are many reasons for selling a domain, but no matter the reason, GeoBroker can make it possible for you to avoid problems and receive top value for your ultra premium geo domains.

GeoBroker is a broker specializing in ultra premium geo domains. If you have a geo-targeted domain name to sell, GeoBroker works with you to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Geo-targeted domains

Geo domains allow businesses to focus the marketing of products or services at specific audiences by targeting localized geographic areas. For example, geo domains give a lawyer in New York City the ability to design a marketing campaign to separately deliver content to a targeted audience in a specific borough. Geo domains make it possible to have separate websites based upon the names of each borough of the city.

The challenge you face when selling a geo-targeted domain is the limited market for the asset you wish to sell. As the geographic area targeted by the domain narrows and shrinks, the number of potential buyers for the domain also becomes smaller. This one of the reasons that using a broker to facilitate the sale of geo domains may be beneficial.

Services that brokers offer sellers of geo domains

You may decide to use GeoBroker to sell your geo-targeted domain simply because you do not know how much to charge and how to find a buyer. While that is true, choosing GeoBroker gives you access to all of the services it offers to its sellers, including:

  • Valuation and pricing: Unless you have years of experience in the geo-domain marketplace, chances are that you will either overestimate the value of your geo domain or price far below its true value. The result will either be frustration when no buyers show an interested in your overpriced asset, or you will be kicking yourself for losing money on the sale. The team of geo-domain experts at GeoBroker provides you with an accurate valuation of your geo domain upon which to make pricing decisions.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Any information GeoBroker obtains from you remains confidential, so you can be open and honest without fear that anything about your business or investment portfolio will ever be shared without your prior written authorization. If privacy is a concern for you, GeoBroker can handle the negotiations and complete the sale without disclosing your identity to the buyer.
  • Comprehensive network: Listing a geo domain with GeoBroker makes it part of one of the most comprehensive networks of potential buyers of geo-targeted domain names.
  • Negotiation of terms: Once a buyer has been identified and an offer to purchase made, GeoBroker negotiates all terms of the sale on your behalf.
  • Transaction integrity: GeoBroker protects your financial interests by arranging for a reputable escrow service to securely handle the transfer of funds and safeguard the integrity of the transaction.
  • Expedite domain transfer: The experience GeoBroker has with the sale and acquisition of geo-targeted domains ensures you of an efficient and safe transfer of the domain to the new owner and release the funds to you from escrow.

If you have an ultra-premium, geo-targeted domain to sell, the services offered by GeoBroker make it possible for you to obtain top value for your digital asset.

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GeoBroker is broker specializing in ultra premium geo domains. If you have a domain to sell, contact the geo-domain experts at

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