Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GeoBroker wants you to be know that we are committed to protecting your privacy. As a broker specializing in assisting our clients in the sale and acquisition of geo-targeted domain names, we may acquire information that you may not wish to have shared with others.

Be assured that we have stringent policies in place and use the most current security technology to maintain the safety of the personal information you share with us. We believe it is important for you to know about the personal data collected and the measures taken to protect it and your privacy against unauthorized intrusion or use.

Personal information collected by

In order to provide you with superior service, GeoBroker collects information from you when you visit our website and submit a request for service. The information collected in this manner includes your name, email address and telephone number.

We monitor visitor traffic to our website and compile information from it, including the following:

  • Patterns of visitor usage.
  • Email engagement patterns.
  • Visitor click-throughs.

Information gathered in this way is compiled for internal use by GeoBroker to improve our website, facilitate communication with clients and to improve the delivery of services to clients.

We only collect personal data that you voluntarily share with us. The information is kept confidential. It is used to facilitate communications with you as long as you have given your consent to being contacted by us.

You have the right to elect at any time and for any reason to stop receiving communications from us. You may do so by contacting us through our website and requesting that future contacts be discontinued.

How we make use of cookies

A visit to a website results in the site sending back information that is stored within the web browser of your computer. These so-called “cookies” speed up the process of identifying you on subsequent visits to our website. We use cookies to enhance your experience when using our website by eliminating the need to enter information on each visit. Cookies also allow us to personalize your visit based upon previously expressed preferences. does not use cookies to gather or store personal identifying information or financial information we have about you. You may disable the ability of your web browser to accept cookies from

Protecting the privacy of our clients

The privacy of our clients is important to us, so we do not sell or exchange names, email addresses or any of the identifiable personal information we obtain about our clients or other visitors to our website. This practice of protecting your privacy includes not sharing the information with companies and individuals engaged in mass marketing.

Links to other websites

Links to other websites owned and maintained by third parties may appear on We cannot be responsible for content on websites that we do not control, so we recommend that you check the privacy policy of linked websites before using them.

Use of personal information you provide to us

Depending upon the type of brokerage services you ask us to perform on your behalf, we may determine that a need exists use some of the personal information you shared with us. Be assured that we will not disclose any information before making full disclosure to you about the reason. We will protect your privacy and not share the information unless and until you give us written authorization to do so.

Questions about our privacy policy

If you have any concerns or questions about this privacy notice or about the way your personal information may be handled by us, please contact us a Someone will respond to your questions and concerns.