Maximize Your Marketing With Geotargeting

Maximize Your Marketing With Geotargeting

The success of your business depends upon customers willing to spend their money on the products and services you offer. If that is true, then a good portion of your advertising budget probably goes toward search engine optimization. SEO places the emphasis on appealing to search engines based upon keywords your may be using to find your business or what your business offers for sale. The shame of this is that other businesses in your industry do the same thing, so included in the pages of search results will be your competition along with, you hope, the website for your business. There has to better way to attract customers, and GeoBroker may have found it with geotargeting.

What is geotargeting?

Back in the pre-internet days, marketing directors employed geotargeting by mailing and distributing advertising material to potential customers within a geographic area or by targeting specific ZIP codes. Geotargeting allowed businesses to make their advertising relevant and unique to the preferences of customers based upon where they lived or, in the case of goods and services offered to business owners and professionals, where they worked.

Geotargeting evolved along with expansion of the internet as an almost universally available resource. Instead of paper advertising left in the mailboxes of consumers, marketing managers now deliver their message through digital content. Rather than rely upon consumers to find them through keywords typed into a search engine, businesses can focus on targeting audiences within a specific community or geographic region with branding playing a key role.

Integrating geotargeting into your brand

The brand developed for the products the business you operate offers to consumers can be incorporated into geotargeting beginning with the domain name that you acquire. It helps to work with geo domain experts capable of guiding you through a formal process to identify and acquire a geo-targeted domain name suitable for branding

GeoBroker, a domain broker specializing in geo-domain names, uses the following steps to guide businesses through the process of acquisition of a domain name:

  • Consulting with a business owner’s marketing team and website developer to identify potential geo-domain names.
  • Researching available domain names and determining their value.
  • Contacting sellers and negotiating terms for acquisition of the geo domain.
  • Assisting in the transfer and registration of the domain name.

Locating a domain name suitable for geotargeting may take time, but patience pays off when the result is the acquisition of a name capable of being the cornerstone of the branding and marketing strategies of a business.

Ideally, branding helps customers develop a connection with your business or with the products and services it sells. Geotargeting allows you to optimize your marketing budget by connecting with customers based upon their location.

Geotargeting evolves beyond brick-and-mortar

The benefit of a marketing strategy using geo-targeted domain names to businesses operating brick-and-mortar facilities is the ability to focus advertising on customers within a country, state, city or local community. Geotargeting is accomplished through collection of data, such as IP and GPS, to make it as useful for online businesses as it is for brick-and-mortar operations.

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