Experts At Your Service

Experts At Your Service

Many business owners know that a domain name targeting a specific geographic area could increase sales, but the world of geo-targeted domains can be a challenge. Keeping up with pricing and availability can make acquisition of a geo-domain name a time-consuming burden that most buyers would prefer to avoid. Seasoned investors with sizable portfolios as well as business owners acquiring a domain name for the first time can benefit from the expertise, experience and knowledge of the geo-targeted domain brokers at

Acquisition without the risk

GeoBroker takes the risk out of the acquisition process. Unlike other domain brokers who refuse to work with buyers without demanding payment in advance, GeoBroker does not believe in asking buyers for payment upfront. Buyers do not pay until a suitable geo domain has been located, a written agreement for its acquisition negotiated with the seller and the geo-domain name acquired.

Expert services for a successful acquisition

The domain brokers at GeoBroker offer all of the services buyers should expect from specialists in geo domains, including:

  • Locating a domain and its owner.
  • Providing an estimate of a domain’s value.
  • Negotiating with seller to acquire the domain.
  • Assisting with completion of the transaction.

GeoBroker respects the privacy of its clients. All personal information provided by its clients is kept strictly confidential.

Client-focused geo-domain name acquisition

Geo-targeted domain acquisition need not be an insurmountable hurdle for businesses or investors. The domain brokers at commit their years of experience specializing in geo domains to offer their clients a smooth and successful transaction.

For more information about acquiring or selling Geo-Targeted domain names contact us at 212-613-6000 or email us.