Don’t Give Up Simply Because Someone Owns The Geo Domain You Want

Don’t Give Up Simply Because Someone Owns The Geo Domain You Want

Starting a business, rebranding an existing enterprise or launching a new product or service requires hard work and planning for it to be a success. When your efforts include acquiring what you have decided is the perfect geo-domain name for your business venture, discovering that someone already owns the domain name may upset your plans. Choosing a new domain name is always an option, but GeoBroker, a domain broker specializing in the acquisition and sale of geo-targeted, ultra-premium domain names, may have a way for your business to acquire the domain name you originally wanted.

Domain extensions matter when in search of a name

If the geo domain you need for your business has already been registered by another party, you may be offered the option to use the name with another domain extension. For example, the dot-com geo domain you wanted has been registered, so you are offered the same name with another domain extension, such as dot-net or dot-org. Consider the following before agreeing to accept it:

  • If the domain name you wanted is being actively used by a business or organization, you could face legal problems. The owner of the dot-com may file a legal challenge to your use of a similar name or may claim infringement of an existing trademark.
  • People conducting an online search for your business may not recall your domain extension, which may lead to them being directed to a competitor’s website.
  • Similar names with different domain extensions may create a problem when your business attempts to obtain trademark protection for the brand you worked hard to develop using the geo-domain name.

If accepting a different domain extension in place of the one you wanted does not work for you, explore the possibility of buying the domain name you want from its current owner.

Identify and contact the owner

Buying a registered geo-targeted domain name from its current owner begins by conducting research to find out the identity of the owner. One method for accomplishing this is by conducting what is referred to as a “Whois” query.

The search may reveal the name of the party that registered the name with a domain registrar. However, registrars offer a service allowing registrants to keep their personal information private and unavailable through a Whois query.

Working with GeoBroker

A better option to the do-it-yourself approach to acquiring the geo-domain name you want for your business is to let a domain broker handle it. GeoBroker conducts the research into the availability of the domain name and the identity of its current owner.

Once the owner has been identified, GeoBroker negotiates on your behalf for acquisition of the domain name you want instead of forcing you to settle for an alternative option. Learn more about acquiring a geo domain by visitng

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