What Are Geo Domains?

What Are Geo Domains?

Geo domains, which may also be referred to as exact-match domain names, offer businesses outstanding SEO opportunities with almost unlimited potential for branding and marketing. Domains targeting a specific state, region, city or even a local community attract visitors with a clear, unambiguous message about the goods and services of interest to them.

What are Geo domain names?

It is important not to confuse geo domains with country-code top-level domains, which are domain extensions identifying a specific country. Geo-targeted domain names offer immediate recognition to a particular geographic location by including it in the name. For example, ParkSlope.com, FortLee.com and Plainview.com instantly let visitors know to expect local content targeted to the region identified in the domain name.

Branding and geo domains

Taking a generic domain, which may consist of the name of a business or a couple of randomly chosen words, and turning it into a brandable item that customers associate with the products and services offered for sale takes significant marketing and advertising efforts. On the other hand, geo domains offer instant consumer engagement because of their geographic affiliation.

Marketing and branding campaigns can use geo domain names to take full advantage of the connection people have with the county, city or community in which they live, work or attend school. Highly brandable geo-targeted domain names offer a business the following benefits:

  • They are easy for consumers to remember.
  • They are less likely to be confused with similarly named domains.
  • They can be easily integrated into advertising and marketing strategies.

Another benefit of a geo domain is that it gives the business owning it name-exclusivity within the local marketplace. This may give a business a huge advantage over its competitors and lead to top position in local markets with consumers.

Using a domain broker to acquire a geo-domain name

Finding the exact match for a particular region or local area can be a challenge. Working with experienced domain brokers can help. GeoBroker offers brokerage services for buyers and sellers of domain names. They specialize in geo domain names and work with an extensive network of sellers and domain owners.

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